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Official Distributor LLORENS


Llorens was established in 1995 in Onil (Spain), but this was not the beginning of its history. Miguel Llorens’ grandfather started to make dolls by hand in 1958. And so, the beautiful tradition of crafting dolls – the most adored commodities in the world – was passed from generation to generation. The company owes its continuing success to combining tradition, modernity, as well as great experience and commitment. Llorens puts a smile on the faces of millions of children. The dolls are entirely produced in Onil. Only the best materials are used in the manufacturing process. The producer’s objective is to make dolls that would last years and could be handed down from mother to daughter, from grandparent to grandchild. Classic dolls, newborns and crying dolls; made entirely of vinyl or with a soft tummy. Lovely faces, very realistic, clothes designed specifically for children. Soft to touch, adorable. These are Llorens dolls. [+We love the Spanish Llorens dolls!] Official distributor of

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